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  • Stratigraphic  remains
    Stratigraphic remains2019-03-22

    The Quaternary section of the Mogao Grottoes-Thousand-buddha Grottoes The Mogao Grottoes is located in the southeast margin of Dunhuang basin, 25 km away from Dunhuang City, east of Sanweishan, and west to the Mountain Mingshashan. The grot...

  • Bedding plane structure
    Bedding plane structure2019-03-22

    Bedding plane structure refers to a variety of features preserved on the plane of sedimentary rocks (on the top or bottom). The bedding plane structure in the park is mainly ripple structure developed in the plane of the Yardang body. Rippl...

  • Exposure structure
    Exposure structure 2019-03-22

    Exposure structure refers to the structure formed in the condition that the surface of deposited sediments is intermittently exposed to atmosphere. The exposure structures frequently seen in the Dunhuang Geopark are mainly mud crack and rai...

  • Formation contact relationship-- channel scouring contact
    Formation contact relationship-- channel scouring contact 2019-03-22

    F ormation contact relationship -- channel scouring contact Large scale channel scouring contact develops in the east-west direction Yardang group in th e Yardang scenic spot. The bottom part is 1.5 to 2 meters thick coarse sand layer, in w...

  • Water  landscape  relics
    Water landscape relics2019-03-22

    Lake in Desert- Crescent Moon-shaped Spring Crescent Moon-shaped Spring is called Shajing in the past and its popular name is Yaoquan. It had been one of “ the Eight Sights of Dunhuang ” since Han Dynasty and acquired the name “ Yue Q...


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