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  • Gravel waves
    Gravel waves2019-04-18

    On the Gobi of the Yardang, strong wind forces gravels to roll or wriggle along the surface of the Gobi, forming gravel waves. It is a landform unique to windy areas. The mound-or crescent-shaped or gravel waves consist of crests, troughs a...

  • Sand ripples
    Sand ripples2019-04-18

    The effect of wind force and direction, grain size, micro-topography and other factors has resulted in straight-lines, curves, chains, ligules, crescents and other shapes in the sand ripples....

  • Feather-like dunes
    Feather-like dunes2019-04-18

    Located in Kumtag Desert, southwest of the Yardang, these are dune forms unique in China. The feather-like dunes extend upwards and transversely along the hillside from northeast to southwest. Distributed on the dunes are low sandpits nearl...

  • Pyramid-shaped dunes
    Pyramid-shaped dunes2019-04-18

    This kind of pyramid-shaped dune has more than three triangular faces, each of which represents a different wind direction. With a gradient of around 30° and a height of 50-100 m, they are the outcome of the intersection of wind of a simil...

  • Crescent dunes
    Crescent dunes2019-04-18

    With a crescent plane shape, these dunes have a slight windward slope (on which small sand ripples have developed), whose angle is 5-20° and a deep leeward slope, whose angle is 28-34°. The angle of repose close to piled-up grains is an a...


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