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Yardang Scenic Spot

Address: 160 kilometers northwest to downtown of Dunhuang city.

Traffic: Daily shuttle buses are available to go to Yardang Geopark. Bus ticket can be ordered in the front desk of each hotel.

Time : 6 - 8 hours.

Mount Mingshashan and Crescent Moon-shaped Spring Geo-area

Address: 5 kilometers south to downtown of Dunhuang city.


1. Take No.3 bus in downtown of Dunhuang city, get off at terminal.

2. Take taxi in downtown of Dunhuang city. About 10 minutes’ drive.

Moggao Grottoes Scenic Area

Address: 25 kilometers southeast to Dunhuang City, on the east foothills of Mount Mingsha and west cliff of Dingquan river.

Traffic: Take taxi or bus from Dunhuang City.

Yumenguan Pass Scenic Area

Address: 96 kilometers northwest to downtown of Dunhuang City.

Traffic: It is the West Tourism Line of Dunhuang. Rent a car to go to the Scenic Area.

Tour time: 1 hour.

Yangguan Pass Scenic Area

Address: 70 kilometers west to the downtown of Dunhuang City.

Traffic: Rent a car

Time: 3-4 hours

Xuanquan Zhi Ruins

Address: Located in the west side of Diaodiao spring Mizoguchi which is 2 kilometers southeast to the Tianshui Well of Dunhuang City, and at the border of Guazhou County and Dunhuang City.

Traffic: Rent a car.

Dunhuang Ancient City

Address: 16 kilometers southwest to Dunhuang city.

Traffic: It is the West Tourism Line of Dunhuang. Rent a car or take taxi. About 25 minutes’ driving.

Thunder Monastery

Address: Located at the foot of Mount Mingshashan, about 4 kilometers south to Dunhuang City.

Traffic: Take No. 3 bus and get off at the Thunder Monastery.

West Lake Nature Reserve

Address: 120 kilometers west to Dunhuang city.

Traffic: Rent a car.

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