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  • Painted Sculptures
    Painted Sculptures2019-02-26

    These painted sculptures are handcrafted replicas of painted sculptures found in the Mogao Grottoes. Buddha and Bodhisattva statues are vividly portrayed by exquisite engraving workmanship. Full of local character, these highly significant...

  • Dunhuang Carpets
    Dunhuang Carpets2019-02-26

    Dunhuang carpets date back a long time. These luxury wool-knitted home furnishings bring together the elaborate designs of the Dunhuang murals and the rugged charm of the northwestern mountains. Soft and supple to the touch, they are decora...

  • Camel Crafts
    Camel Crafts2019-02-26

    Known as Ships of the Desert, camels were a major mode of transport for merchants on the ancient Silk Road . These animals have always been adored for their toughness, good temperament and strength. Camel artworks made by folk artisans look...

  • Dunhuang Batik
    Dunhuang Batik2019-02-26

    Dunhuang batik is a handicraft introduced from Yunnan and Guizhou. It makes best use of Dunhuangs unique ice crack patterns to create a vintage effect of denuded murals, while cleverly incorporating images of the Mogao Caisson, Scroll desig...

  • Luminous Wine Glass
    Luminous Wine Glass2019-02-26

    The luminous Wine Glass, or Yangguan Jade Glass, is a luxury wine drinking vessel made of jade mined from Mount Qilianshan. The multi coloured glass body is smooth and shiny, perfect for enjoying premiun wine. This glass was referred to by...


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