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Opening Time Adjustment of Yardang

Writer:Administration for Dunhuang UGGp
Time:2019-03-20 19:44

Dear Visitors:

In order to facilitate tourists to better enjoy the sunrise and sunset beauty of Yardang, the management office has decided to make corresponding adjustments to the opening time, the details are as follows:

Since March 20, 2019, the opening time of Yardang has been adjusted from 08:00-18:00 to 07:30-18:30. Tourists may want to enjoy the desert sunset while visiting Yardang, so the best time for shutter bus is 18:30-19:00.

Please arrange your travel time reasonably. We wish you a wonderful travel.

The adjustment period will be implemented from March 20, 2019.

Administration for Dunhuang UGGp

March 20, 2019

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