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Learning the experience from others UGGps

Writer:Administration for Dunhuang UGGp
Time:2019-04-14 20:17

Learning the experience from others UGGps

-- Investigation in Huangshan, Sanqingshan and Dali Mount Cangshan UGGps

From March 11 to 18, a team of nine members under the leadership by the Director Zhang Yiming from Administration for Dunhuang UGGp went to Huangshan, SanqingShan and Dali Mount Cangshan UGGps successively to carry out study, investigation and exchange activities.

From March 12 to 13, the team visited the Huangshan UGGp. During the visit, extensive and in-depth on-site exchanges were conducted on the protection of geological heritage, infrastructure construction, popular science education, geo-tourism, signs.


Talking with the Management Committee of Huangshan UGGp

From March 13 to 14, the study team visited SanqingShan UGGp. During the visit, the group held talks and exchanges on science popularization, protection of geological relics, construction of geoscience museum, website construction and collection of recent assessment data.


Visit SanqingShan UNESCO Global Geopark Museum

From March 15 to 17, the study team visited Dali Mount Cangshan UGGps, during which they exchanged and studied the propaganda of science popularization in Geopark, the current situation of park management and the experience of revalidation.


Photo with colleagues from Dali Mount Cangshan UGGps

Through eight days trip, we learned the advanced management and construction experience from three UNESCO Global geoparks, and felt the unique charm of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network. The study tour provided necessary guidance for the preparation of the revalidation of Dunhuang UNESCO Global Geopark, broadened the working ideas. We will apply the work experience and good practices we have learned, such as the collection of assessment data, the standardization of identification signs, science popularization, the establishment of inspection routes, partnership, the construction of websites and the promotion, and make every effort to do a good job.

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