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LeiYin Temple

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Time:2019-03-22 10:52


The Thunder Temple is located beside the road from Dunhuang City to Mount Mingshashan and Crescent Lake Geo-area, and it is only four kilometers from the city center.

It is said that the ancient Thunder Temple was originally located near the Crescent Lake, then as the environment changes, it was buried by sand. The new Thunder Temple was donated and reconstructed by the domestic and foreign Buddhist groups and the Buddhist Association of Dunhuang City in 1989. In June 1991, it was completed with medallion and opened to visitors.

The Thunder Temple covers an area of 28666.7 square meters, and the building area is more than three thousand square meters. There are three characters --雷音寺--- on banner of the temple gate, and they are inscribed by Zhao Puchu, the vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and the chairman of The Buddhist Association of China. The temple is opened westward. The entire temple comprises a main hall, two side halls, domitories for monks as well as guest rooms. There are over one hundred attics which are dedicated to 37 statues including Buddha, Bodhisattva, Lohan and Disciples, etc.

After nearly twenty years of development, it is difficult for the existing temple to meet the needs of religious believers to live a religious life. In order to expand the Thunder Temple, after the approval of the People’s Government of Dunhuang City in 2008, a land of about 110 mu (a unit of area; 1 mu =0.0667 hectares) beside the temple was expropriated. The present Thunder Temple covers an area of 180 mu.

The Da Guangming Hall (the Grand Bright Hall) is a double-eaves hip roof of Tang dynasty style. The width is eleven kaijian (the standard width of a room in an old-style house; 1 kaijian = 3.3333 meters), and the height is twenty-two meters. The length of Daxiong Hall (the Great Buddha’s Hall) is thirty-three meters, the width between the two side columns in the front of the hall is forty-four meters, and the width of platforms in the north and south side are both fifty-five meters. In total sixty-six lotus columns of Tang dynasty style are used. The width of the platform in the eastern hall is seventy-seven meters. The total number of columns is eighty-eight, the base height is 3.3 meters, and one hundred and eight beams are used. The total number of larches imported from Russia is about one thousand five hundred cubic meters, the total number of rubble stone for foundation engineering is about seven thousand cubic meters, and the earthwork backfilling is about twenty thousand cubic meters.

Now the Da Guangming Hall, the Bell Tower and the Abstinence Hall projects have been completed, and the main projects of Coloured Glaze Hall and Bliss Hall in two sides as well as Mountian-side Guild Hall have also been completed. The expanded Dunhuang Thunder Temple is a multi-functional Buddhist cultural site that combines beliefs, preaching, practice, education, exchange of Buddhism in one, and it will offer a community for spiritual return for the society. 


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