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“Travel in winter and spring”was held in Dunhuang UGGp

Writer:Administration for Dunhuang UGGp
Time:2018-12-28 10:10

On December 26 and 27, 2018 , in order to promote the sustainable tourism development of Dunhuang in winter and spring, and improve the popularity of the tourism in Dunhuang, Dunhuang UGGp administration has planned many activities,such as, "Running, Yardang" mini marathon, "Yumen Pass Ancient Memory" poetry recitation, "Walking along Yangguan Avenue ", fun sports and other activities.

“Travel in winter and spring” series of activities shows the rare and typical geological landscapes of the Dunhuang UGGp, the unique natural scenery of the West, the local folk customs, the unique humanities and historical sites, and the cultural landscape. These activities also demonstrated the unique tourism resources in Dunhuang and stimulated the tourism market in winter and spring. The activities were held in Yardang, Yumen Pass, Yangguan Pass, and Mount Mingshashan and Crescent Moon-shaped Spring. More than 350 people from 11 delegations including Dunhuang UGGp Administration, Travel Agency and Tour Guide Association participated in this event.


The opening ceremony of "Travel in winter and spring" in Dunhuang


"Running, Yardang" mini marathon


Poetry Reading in Yumen Pass 


“Walking along Yangguan Road”




Fun sports 

This activity focused on showing the unity and spirit of the employees of Dunhuang UGGp. The applause and laughter in the activity not only enhanced the residents' and tourists' understanding of the Geopark, but also let more tourists feel the enthusiasm and hospitality of Dunhuang people.

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