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Great Dunhuang Cultural Tourism Economic Circle

Writer:Administration for Dunhuang UGGp
Time:2019-03-01 15:19

On the evening of March 1, all the staff from Dunhuang UNESCO Global Geopark studied and listened a lecture by Shi Peihua, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Nankai University, on how to promote Dunhuang tourism products, improve the supply of tourism and tourism consumption, create a tourism economic circle in Dunhuang.





In the lecture, Professor Shi interpreted the working idea of "building Dunhuang cultural tourism economic circle " from human's dreams, Confucius' thoughts and tourism.

In 2019, Gansu Province proposed to build the Great Dunhuang Cultural Tourism Circle, speed up the construction of Mogao Grottoes Tourist Center, Mogao World and other projects, and strengthen the core role of Mogao Grottoes. At the same time, relying on Dunhuang and other important cultural relics resources, Yumenguan, Yangguan Pass, Yulin Grottoes, Suoyang City, Suspended Spring and other cultural relics are gradually built into key UGGp. In addition, relying on the natural geographical unit of Hexi Corridor and its important position in the development history of Chinese civilization, a national heritage line exhibition and inheritance system involving Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, Zhangye, Jinchang, Wuwei and Baiyin, which integrates research and study tours, has been developed. The cultural resources featured with the culture of the Silk Road in Dunhuang as the top priority, thus opening the golden key of "one belt and one road", further excavating the world-wide value of Gansu's cultural heritage, earnestly implementing the heritage and development project of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and making good use of the international platform of Dunhuang Cultural Expo.

The cadres and staff of Dunhuang UNESCO Global Geopark said that they would combine the spread of Dunhuang culture with the protection of geological landscape to promote the sustainable development of the Greater Dunhuang Cultural Tourism Economic Circle.


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