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Dunhuang Municipal Government held Information Preparatory Coordination Meeting of Global Geopark application

Writer: Tao Wang, Mei Xue
Time:2015-01-20 15:50

Dunhuang Municipal Government held Information Preparatory Coordination Meeting of Global Geopark application

On January 20, 2015, the main persons in charge and professionals of 13 units including Municipal Publicity Department, Finance Bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, the Tourism Bureau, the West Lake National Nature Reserve Administration etc. had an information preparatory coordination meeting for Dunhuang Global Geopark application at the third floor conference room of municipal government. At the meeting, Shihong Guo, Deputy Secretary for Land and Resources Bureau, gave specific requirements on the progress of Dunhuang geopark construction, inspection and acceptance readiness to meet UNESCO, information collection standards of Dunhuang Global Geopark application. Xiaoling Wang, vice mayor of Dunhuang Municipal People's Government, made arrangements on Dunhuang Geopark information preparatory work, emphasizing the relevant units should attach great importance to this work as a priority recently, Global Geopark application is a priority task in Dunhuang International Cultural Tourism Cities Construction and gets great attention of the provincial government. Dunhuang Geopark consists of rich cultural heritage and natural ecological resources including Mogao Grottoes, Yumenguan Pass, Yardang Geo-area, Mount Mingshashan and Crescent Moon-shaped Spring Geo-area, West Lake National Nature Reserve. The park area reaches 2067.2 square kilometers. All departments must have detailed sorting and timely reporting conscientiously according to "China Dunhuang Global Geopark information preparatory list”; the scenic spots should designate a person to take charge and clear responsibilities; the reporting tasks are important while time is limited, leaders of various departments should strengthen communication links to find the gap and have timely correction. The Global Geopark application work has rose to the national level, which means that there is no retreat, only succeed, no failure.The meeting speeds up the application pace and lays the foundation for the experts group inspection and evaluation works in April.


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