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The result of “I Love Dunhuang Geopark” competition activity with awards was fresh published

Writer:Administration for Dunhuang UGGp
Time:2015-09-01 16:59

The result of “I Love Dunhuang Geopark” competition activity with awards was fresh published


Recently,“I Love Dunhuang Geopark” competition activity with awards ,which was jointly organized by Office for Dunhuang Global Geopark Application and Dunhuang City Bureau of Education, was finished perfectly.

The activity was scheduled from June 10th ,2015 to June 30th ,2015,totally 20 days long. The purpose was to inspire the youth to understand and love Dunhuang geopark, strengthen the popularization of geoscience knowledge, and vigorously publicise Dunhuang Global Geopark Application. There were three kinds of participating works, compositions,paintings,and handcopied papers. The participants centred the theme on “I love Dunhuang geopark”, and they expressed perception and love to Dunhuang geopark withpositive keynote, rich imagination and sincere heart. In the process of that activity, every participating school cooperated actively to do a good job on  primary selection, and submitted selected woks in time. Now we are lucky to enjoy the list of awards and outstanding entries in the website of Dunhuang geopark and Dunhuang education.


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